Commissioning Work

The Site
This site as an online resource showing what we do and sometimes how it is done.
Being able to show our work as we would like it to be seen and for it to be within reach of a wider audience than the established media and publishing possibilities will generally allow to be, is one of the great advantages of the internet.
The work that is contained within this site was all commissioned. That is, ordered.

I know that it can be intimidating for people to contact an artist and to trust a project to someone they don't know. But I hope that by looking around this site and seeing what I have created for my clients that some of the uncertainty will be removed. I have posed some questions that I am typically asked and then have given brief answers. If you have any further questions or want fuller explanations then please contact me or one of my representatives. Contact information is available from the main index.


We are commissioned by an individual or group of people to create a work for a specific location or function. We are basically a commissioned artists. We are asked to solve a specific design problem within a budget and within a given time scale.

So how does this work?
There are many ways and no fixed rules, we have been contacted by individuals, committees, agents, architects and so on. You contact us and we see what is the best way to begin a project.

Do we need to supply the theme or the concept?
It is a good starting point, to have a reference from where an idea can begin to develop. It is always different. Often the best starting point comes from a discussion with the clients.

How is a design presented?
Usually as a scaled colour design.It can be useful to present designs at a half way stage for discussion with the clients. Mostly this stage shows a concept that is not completely formed. At this stage it is still relatively easy to re-think and re-work and idea. Once it has got to the end of the design process this is more difficult.

How much does this cost?
It depends entirely on what we are asked to do. How much material can be sourced locally or what has to be imported. The design fee will be agreed at the outset.

Can you work to a budget?
Indeed, almost every work has an agreed budget. Indeed it is better to know how much is available at the beginning otherwise something wonderful might be designed that is way too expensive.
How long does it take to make the work?

Again it depend on how much is involved and how many projects we are working on. There is a limit to how many works I can make in a year. An idea of how long it will take will be given with the design and deadlines can be agreed.
If there is any question and answer that you think should be dealt with here then please email us and we will include it.